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Congratulations on your engagement!

...So now what?


There are so many things to get in order before your special day - the ring, the place, food, flowers, invitations... the list goes on.

Planning your wedding doesn't have to be stressful.  A few things can help you relieve the two tons of pressure resting on your shoulders.


Attend a bridal show.

At a bridal show, you can meet with several wedding professionals all in one location and all at one time.  You get to talk directly with them, see their work and get an idea of costs.  Bridal shows feature a variety of services such as flowers, wedding cakes, gowns, tuxedos, photographers and more.  You can easily test your personality against the vendor's and if it doesn't spark, move on to the next one.


Find a wedding planner.

There are tons of free wedding planners on the internet.  They help you budget, organize and remind you of the little things you might forget during the hectic times.  And if you prefer talking with a person, find a wedding coordinator.  They can help you when you don't have the time to plan the entire day by yourself.


Reasons to attend a bridal show

1.  Avoid stress in your planning - everyone is one place.

2.  Meet several vendors in a neutral location.

3.  Gather ideas.

4.  See the latest in bridal fashions, groom's fashions, decorating...

5.  Book last minute vendors.

6.  Get free stuff - because who doesn't like that?


Tips on Attending a Bridal Show

Attending a bridal show for the first time can be overwhelming.  All these vendors, all compacted in one area - and I have to talk to all of them?  Not to worry.  Bridal shows are there for your convenience, not to add stress to an already stressful amount of planning that lies in your future.  Here are some helpful tips.

1.  Be prepared.  Know what you're looking for at the show.  When you arrive, there's going to be a multitude of vendors from every category.  Spend the most time with those that you still need their service.

2.  Bring address labels.  Most vendors, as well as the registration table, will want to know your address, phone number, wedding date, etc.  To save time, print them out beforehand so you don't spend time writing your information over and over again.  Or get writer's cramp!

3.  Collect any information you're interested in to review when you're at home in a relaxed environment.  Write notes to yourself so you remember what you liked about the vendor or star them on your program.

4.  Plan to spend a good part of the afternoon at the show.  If you still have a lot to book, you're going to want to be exposed to all of it.  If you spent five minutes with each of 50 vendors, you'd spend over four hours at the show!

5.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  There's a lot of walking around at a bridal show.  You don't want sore feet by the end!

6.  Try to bring your fiancé to the show.  It's his day too and he could be a lot of help in the planning.

7.  Have fun!!  Relax and enjoy yourself.  Many shows are four hours or longer so take your time to wander around the event. 


Wedding Myths & Traditions


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

Something Old signifies the bride's previous way of living, before the marriage.  It links the bride's family and the past.  This is the first step into the transition into her new life. 

Something New signifies the bride's future and her new life.  This is the second step of the transition, representing good fortune and success.  The new item is oftentimes represented by the wedding gown.

Something Borrowed is typically an item borrowed from a previously wed bride.  The bride borrows the item so she may have all the good luck and joy in her marriage that the previously wed bride has in hers.

Something Blue was the original color of purity before Queen Victoria set the standard for marrying in white.  Blue used to be the common color that brides wed in.  Often the garter is the blue item.


Other Traditions

Throwing Rice is an ancient tradition.  Since rice is considered a "life giving" seed, it's thought that throwing it on the couple will result in fertility and have many children.

Sharing the wedding cake began with the Romans.  They believed that eating the cake together would build a special bond between the couple.  The sweetness is thought to bring good things to all areas of the couple's new life. 

Placement of the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand comes from the Egyptians.  They believed that the "vein of love" ran from the ring finger to the heart.  The ring was placed there to denote eternal love.


...and what do I pay for?

The bride and her family... traditionally pay for the groom's wedding ring and his gift; invitations, reception cards, announcements; wedding gown; fee for ceremony location; reception costs (including food, decorations, flowers, cake); photography; music; transportation; videography; favors.

The groom and his family... traditionally pay for the bride's wedding and engagement rings; gift for the bride; marriage license; rehearsal dinner; officiant's fee; groom's attire; honeymoon.

The wedding party... wedding attire and accessories; gift for the couple; bachelor/bachelorette party.


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